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Gripple MD sees how the company's Indian base helps the poor

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The managing director of the Sheffield manufacturer, Gripple has seen for himself what difference the company’s base in New Delhi is making to the lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the community.

Ed Stubbs, accompanied by another Gripple director, Eric Laroche, visited the Phia Foundation’s Indian branch which supports the poorest and marginalised communities, especially children, young people and women by improving education and providing access to essential services.

A team from Gripple India has been working with Phia, focusing on developing and funding an education project based on health. With financial support from Gripple, Phia was able to run a children’s health camp for a year and the company has also committed to support the charity’s work in the community through employee engagement initiatives.

Ed Stubbs said: “Our visit was a real eye-opener, leaving a lasting impression which emanated from wonderful interactive discussions and conversations. Gripple’s sensitivity to social issues, and its track record of supporting charities, provided real depth and meaning to our visit which marks the beginning of a long-term association between the two organisations in supporting this community.”

The association with Phia is not the first charitable effort by Gripple India. A donation from Gripple earlier this year was passed on to SOS Children’s Villages India which covered the general expenses of one ‘home’ for eight children for a year. Also, in celebration of Gripple UK’s fifth Queen’s Award this year, Gripple India laid on a community lunch for 900 people and now contributes towards regular lunches to which everyone is invited.