Gripple welcome members to their new Industrial Cathedral


Made in Yorkshire’s latest breakfast event was hosted by Gripple on Wednesday 2nd August at their newly extended Riverside premises in Sheffield.

Gripple, part of the Glide group, manufacture the Gripple wire joiner. They’re an exceptional company owned by the employees, with a fun outlook on how to run a business - and it’s working!

We welcomed 40 guests to Gripple’s innovative premises, complete with a fish wall. Three of the employees, Trish, Clare, and Dave, took groups of breakfast goers out onto the factory floor to show off their newly built extension and their refurbished old building.

Gripple’s Director, Gordon Macrae, said: ‘Today has been a great event, we had 40 people passionate about Yorkshire coming round and seeing what I hope is an exemplar business, and my hope from what we’ve done today is that some of the ideas and things that they’ve seen they take back to their own businesses, and make Yorkshire the best place to do business.’

Our next breakfast event will take place at JBC Industrial Services in Leeds. JBC provide a high quality service to clients conscious of expensive outages and production losses by working in partnership and offering bespoke solutions.

If you are interested in hosting a breakfast event of your own, please contact our Group Events Manager Iwona at: and to register your exhibition ticket, please visit this link.